As I sit in front of this screen a huge red "C" screams at me. It amplifies every negative thought I have about myself. I feel like Hester Primm in the Scarlet Letter and how my professors must pity me. I'm embarrassed and I feel stupid. This is my first C in my college career. I chose... Continue Reading →


The irony of this post is not lost on me. The one and only draft I have sitting on this computer is all about how I learned not to fear failure last year. Now I know why I never got around to publishing it. HA. Thank you 2019 for making me a hypocrite. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →


Brave was never a word I would have chosen to describe myself.  In fact, if you would have listed things that describe me, we could have easily placed "brave" in the NOT column and replaced it with "scardey-cat". In the beginning of 2018 I told God I couldn't keep doing this anymore. I couldn't keep... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary, so at the gym today there was this guy... Just kidding. I was standing by the smith machine at the gym one day and there was a guy next to me in the squat rack jacked as all get out. I said to my friend, “I want a butt like his". Now, this... Continue Reading →


Reese left last week to gallivant across Kentucky with my grandparents and my mom and dad. She goes every year and it never gets easier for me. I spent many summers with my family camping, swimming, and hiking. Some of my fondest memories are from those firefly and firework filled months. Words cannot adequately describe the... Continue Reading →


I haven't written much in a while. I really haven't had much to say. No wait. Scratch that. I've had plenty to say but I don't know HOW. I have a shadow box on the wall in my bathroom “the joy is in the journey”. I’ve seen it a million times since I put it... Continue Reading →


I left when I was 17. Never in my life have I ever thought that I was brave until the moment that I stood up and fought back. I still remember every emotion vividly. Every step I made closer to freedom, every place I ran to hide, every person I encountered who pushed me forward... Continue Reading →


This past Sunday my pastor preached a life altering sermon. It was one that spoke directly to me and activated things that God has been dealing with me for a long time. I am extremely blessed to have found a church and a pastor who has such a heart for Jesus and for others. "Is... Continue Reading →

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